What is going on with Coronavirus – Covid-19…?

Living in England has taken a stray on us all. Where we are all in lockdown right now until further notice, unless you are a key worker or an NHS staff and need to go to work. But to be quite honest with all of you, why is it not headlined that every Thursday #ClappingForNHS, is not what the NHS needs or deserves right now, with the lack of PPE from the Conservative Party, has put the NHS frontline workers at risk, not just putting them at risk but everyone else as well. Including you and me. We have workers in the supermarket and care homes where they are exposed to all viruses out there. But the government should have protected these workers from day one. But they failed to do so.

If you want to make a difference, then do more, give more, not just applaud NHS workers, but we should actually take time out to give back the frontline workers out there, they need our support more than ever. Social Distancing cannot exist in Western Countries, unfortunately western people cannot take orders from officials, which is why you hear about the police dispersing sunbathers in London. During these new tough measures you can see what the police has to deal with here.

You see here in the UK, social distancing is not something we are used to, ever. Tesco have implemented a one way system in all their stores. These one way systems in all Tesco Stores are for everyone to follow, I can assure you that 90% follow Tesco guidelines, including the Two-metre distance as well whilst shopping at Tesco, but still the 10% want to be naive and do not consider other shoppers or staff members of the hard work they have in place is to benefit everyone.

Our Public Transport is not very clean or ever cleaned to be honest, most of us do travel or did travel by public transport, but even when touching the rails when getting off the bus, I always pull my sleeve over my hands, so I am not touching the metal bar. Even when you have school kids everywhere, how do you distance yourself from them even from people with the common cold/flu? It is interesting how we will move on from all of this, after the UK lockdown is eased off. Why has no one ever bothered about the cleanliness across the UK, people still do not know how to shower themselves either, there was a debate last year stating if they should wash their legs and feet when they are in the shower?! This really made my blood boil. Now we know why ‘Athlete’s foot‘ exist because of these squalid people out there 

that do not know basic hygiene, which is why the NHS had to go back to basics and advertise this everywhere. Please, Please, Please wash yourselves thoroughly and protect others by your actions, we need to work together to battle this virus and anything else that may occur. Stop your bad habits right now people.

Now, let’s not forget about the lack of PPE… Oh! Wait, have you read by other Blog post – ‘Is Britain a third world country?’ Read that first, because this part will make more sense of what we have to report. This is just in, like always whenever we are reposting what is important, we are getting the online news that the Western Media does not wish to report or headline. PPE is still not highly available even after that delivery from Turkey? Hate to say it… Don’t always believe what you hear, instead bookmark us so that we can get you the alternative media outlet sources for you, so you don’t have to search or go anywhere. But if you wish to do more research after seeing our blogs, we welcome that, because the more you think outside the box, we are doing our bit and the purpose of Raj Meister doing its job for the people.

This is what the NHS needs and wants, but the current government has failed

the NHS. Next time you want to praise the NHS staffs, do it with dignity, do it with passion, do not do it because the nation tells you to, because if you do that, you are being led into a role where the NHS workers do not want you to do. Give the NHS what they want, they need the people’s power now more than ever before. No one ever clapped for the NHS before, the conservative party has failed and still are failing the NHS, by doing something that should have been a one off statement, but yet it is now a once a week tradition? This is not needed.

What is needed, is giving the right care to all the Frontline workers out there, all the delivery guys, supermarket workers, teachers, all NHS and private NHS workers too. There are far too many to list, but here it is.

NHS aside, let’s talk about Coronavirus Covid-19, yes there is a difference between the two. For more details,

click here where you can find all the details you require, we are not in the medical field and this is a sensitive topic, so we do not want to say the wrong things right now, so instead of opinions etc, check out WebMD link where you will find all the specifics.

There is however, some other alternative views I want you to know about, that there is another viewpoint we wanted you to know about. We came across Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, you won’t have come across him, but since you are here, lets see what he has to say about this virus. Again if you read my previous blogs, Dr Shiva would be a name you will remember and not forget.


NHS staff

For the love of God, we would urge you to look into Vaccination against this virus. Let’s not forget that this is a new strand of virus, one that puzzles all scientists and other professionals out there that there is a lack of evidence. Let’s be honest here, how many of you are looking after your body, mind and spirit? It’s ok we’re not judging you, we are simply making a point. Let’s not forget how many deaths in a year has and can cause year-to-year, according to Time …‘the CDC estimates that up to 42.9 million people got sick during the 2018-2019 flu season, 647,000 people were hospitalized and 61,200 died. That’s fairly on par with a typical season, and well below the CDC’s 2017-2018 estimates of 48.8 million illnesses, 959,000 hospitalizations and 79,400 deaths.’

It begs to ask the question/s, why wasn’t more done previously? Why wasn’t these social distancing in place for many years before? But then again there is also uncertainty of how Covid-19 came around as it is not Coronavirus as we already stated. But all viral viruses that we all have been contacted with, but most of us are able to defend ourselves from viral infections due to our immune system. But again, for so many years there was no news about building your immune system until early this year 2020. No previous adverts about your health, no mainstream media talking about how important your health really is until now. This issue and concerns is quite alarming and this is why we are bringing it to your attention.

As always, stay safe, be clean, be safe and please treat others how you wish to be treated, with respect.
We can be united against the bigger threat to us all… Unity.
Thank You.