This is really a very good discussion/debate.  As we live in the uncertainty times right now, lets talk about why we are questioning if Britain/England is a third world country and why it has become one.

Let’s take into consideration when Labour had lost power after Tony Blair aka Tory Boy Leader, left Number 10 Downing Street. The rise and fall of Labour happened and kicked off when Tony Blair left office.

Let’s take a short history lesson, Labour Party was for the people of England and created the NHS back in 1948. Yes, the glory days, years etc we all know the famous sayings, ‘The Good Old Days.’

However, all of that changed, in 2003 Labour Party destroyed the NHS as we know it, yes Labour will fix the NHS, but they have too much/many dirty MPs in the Labour Party right now. The Labour Party right now is facing leaks back in 2017 but has cost the Labour Party big money and could end up bankrupt and cost the Labour Party to end with a bang, but it will be a quiet bang as the press will not headline

what happens or has happened to Labour. It is the Empire’s hand and this is what they wanted and clearly have won the winning hand, which is to destroy The Labour Party for good.

Labour lost its path when they came up with slogan – ‘For The Many, Not The Few.’ personally, I would have re-worded it as, ‘For The Few, Not The Many.’ simply because you cannot be a party for the whole, because you have businesses who are tax avoiders. The party slogan would have gone farther than just stating it is for the many, assuming it is including all tax dodgers and all in betweens.

If they stated ‘For The Few, Not The Many.’ with my understanding that they will not be including tax dodger businesses who are looking out for their pockets and profiting themselves and not for the country which is England. 

Why should England suffer in silence by these big tax avoiders compared to British Companies, abiding by the UK laws and paying the taxes as they should, but Globalisation outside the UK are avoiding tax!

So, Labour is leading into bankruptcy, England welcomes tax dodgers globally, you now have Boris Johnson as your Prime Minister… But not everyone voted for him to be a Prime Minister. We all know what the Conservative Party stands for, which is not for the many, or for the few… In actual fact they are well funded, well looked after by Bankers and hedge-funders.


Let’s not forget about Dominic Cummings who stated ‘let, old people die.’ The Conservative party is now pocketing a lot of pensioners money, Dominic got his wish. But of course none of this (all above really matters… Right)?

If it does, you would know these facts, you would have known that by voting in the last general election, it was not and never was an election on Brexit. But yet the Mainstream Media classed and blasted it everywhere as ‘The Brexit Election.’ Even though it was never ever a Brexit Election, Jeremy Corbyn came out with facts stating the NHS is for sale, which was actually true but highly ignored by the British Voters as the Mainstream Media destroyed this claim and wanted to know how Jeremy Corbyn got it and to name their source!

Regardless if the NHS is for sale or not, I do not believe whatever Jeremy Corbyn found in the leaked documents, lets start where we are today. News Flash, we are dealing with a pandemic, the NHS is poorly equipped along with the care homes too, a story that I had to get out there. We have many people, we know in the care and private home industry who are not funded directly by the NHS but their private companies are… The irony, right?

We now, have care homes and no hospitals in England without Personal Protective Equipment, (PPE). If the NHS is not for sale, why isn’t our NHS well-equipped for this sort of outbreak? The NHS is not well-funded by the Conservative Party, it was well-funded by The Labour Party, now I am not saying that the Labour Party is perfect, it has flaws, but not as much as this corrupt government who is over falsifying when the NHS and care homes get PPE!

We haven’t even got started about how many tests have been undertaken to, not as many as our neighbouring EU allies, which is why England’s death rate is and will be rising. Be prepared for the rise of cases of Covid-19 and the deaths caused by Covid-19 as well.

Let’s go back a bit further before this pandemic outbreak, before the ‘Brexit Election.’ While everyone is going on about their daily lives, people have forgotten about ‘Food banks.’ How is it, that people living in Britain, paying taxes to HMRC even though Taxpayer’s money is in Bermuda and HMRC actually rents offices there to. Under the current government, we are becoming more and worse off under the conservative party than we were when Labour were in power.

Taking all this into consideration, Britain is and can be better off if the Conservative Party taxed big tax dodger organisations, England would be booming than where we are now. Where you have many relying on Food Banks and getting taxed more than the tax dodgers, profiting from us and not giving back.