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David Icke...Takes A Hike.

David Icke

It has come to our attention that some of you, not many, but we are here to tell you all that David Icke is not the guy you imagine him to be. For example, Jesse Ventura already put this guy to bed once, because of his theories on Reptilian Bloodline!

Conspiracy Theory

with Jesse Ventura is a TruTV program where Jesse’s investigation team does and goes through a lot of research, until Jesse Ventura clashes with David Icke who does no research, does no investigation whatsoever against his ridiculous theories that people are drawn into believing! Jesse Ventura has a lot of investigators and talks sense.

David Icke on the other hand has nothing, no hard evidence, no real facts, no sources to back his claims or theories that he has misled you all on. Mr Icke is all about taking your hard earned money, no questions asked, just gullible people who do not think outside the box, Mr Icke preys on these people. People we call vulnerable people. David Icke is always about the money, whatever he can sell, David Icke will put out there the wrong 

theories, with no investigations whatsoever.

David Icke talks a lot of baloney he has no hard evidence, factual evidence on his talks or theories, he just makes videos with no true source to back up his claims. We agree that people like him and Alex Jones sometimes go to far in explaining nonsense. We disagree with the removal of Alex Jones from YouTube in 2018, some would say it would infringe ‘Freedom of Speech.’ But look, there is no room for ‘Fake News,’ right now.

Tv station's interview with david icke
david icke and the truth behind coronavirus

Right now with what is going on with Coronavirus and all, people like David Icke is nothing but a scaremongering individual, there are vulnerable people out there right now, more than ever. Do you think that David Icke should put fear more than ever out there than what is needed at this moment?

Think about it, why NOW, is he talking about 5G? Why NOW is he making claims against 5G? When the government shut down Huawei in 2019 claims over privacy with the 5G ban, all of this blocking and banning with Huawei back in early 2019, not once did David Icke talk about 5G then!?

We are making all of you aware that there is no room for Fake News right now. We all need to stick together but burning these 5G masts is not the way forward, nor is

it necessary. I urge you all to spread this factual blog to every social media out there so that we can all put David Icke to bed, once and for all.

Before torching or anymore arson attacks on these 5G masts, do some research into the claims that these individuals claims before taking matters into your own hands. We are here because we want real news, factual evidence that will bring you calm and peace where we all need that right now guys. So, please, stop and think about the next story you share, is it right? Is it true? Does it contain hard evidence like this blog does, taking our time for our readers to learn that 5G masts did not cause this Coronavirus. We only report stories that matter to the people we care about, so please take this into consideration, stop believing people like David Icke, he has no factual evidence, he is literally preying on your mind.

Let’s begin with 2G it states it was launched in 1991, along with Cholera, according to History.com this is NOT true, Cholera has actually been around for many centuries, the disease projected in the 19th Century.

It also states that 3G was launched in 1998 along with Influenza, however, according to PubMed Central, this is also a false claim. Influenza has been around in the 20th Century since 1918, yes there has been other outbreaks, with names given to them like Spanish, Asian and Hong Kong influenza after 1947. Now H1N1, is another name given, which is in linked in the previous link by PubMed Central stating;

“A virus: H1N1, H2N2, and H3N2, respectively. Not classified as true pandemics are 3 notable epidemics: a pseudopandemic in 1947 with low death rates, an epidemic in 1977 that was a pandemic in children, and an abortive epidemic of swine influenza in 1976 that was feared to have pandemic potential.”
—Edwin D. Kilbourne

In conclusion the claims about 4G is also incorrect and that 3G was actually launched in Europe towards end of 2002 and 4G was also launched in UK but to 11 cities and only by EE in October 2012. And for the record, we chose our sources carefully where the date and 

year is shown and when it was edited (if it was). We did this because it shows that there are news articles dated before 2019 to give you a bigger picture of what is really going on and we can put all of these false claims to bed, for once and for all.

We will be doing another blog (maybe soon), but when the time is ready and when we do more research into the claims to determine how Coronavirus was formed, whether it was man-made from a laboratory or if there was a leak from the laboratory. These are not false claims, (yet), but more evidence needs to be surfaced before we make a blog on this theory. As for now, look at our other blogs here where you can also do research and find your way to other online sources and factual unbiased news that the Mainstream Media will not headline.